A woman holds hats to get them autographed by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during a rally, Thursday, June 2, 2016, in San Jose, Calif. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

My Day With The ‘Deplorables’

This week, as we have just about every January, my Dad, my son and I visited the Colorado Farm Show.  My son gets to climb in all the new, expensive tractors, and my dad and I look for new gadgets he can use in his farming operation next year (I’m pretty sure there is field scouting drone in his future).   But mostly, its a chance for farmers like my dad, and their neighbors to swap stories, and lament low commodity prices.

This year, though, was a little different.  The first week of Trump’s presidency had everyone a little more joyful than usual.

The first vendor we saw as we walked in was selling feed grinders for livestock.  He eagerly pointed out the “Trump” sticker on the grill guard of his F-350.  “That’s my protester protection”, he said with a smirk.

Inside, we stopped at the booth of a local seed dealer.  Unprovoked, he smiled at my Dad, and nudged him – “Did you see what Trump did to the EPA?!…hiring freeze, regulation freeze!”

I have never seen such giddy smiles among these normally stoic men.  They recounted the election night coverage, and how much they enjoyed the surprise and disappointment from the anchors as Hillary Clinton’s certain victory melted before their eyes.

There was a contagious bounce in their steps.  For their entire lives, un-elected bureaucrats have instilled fear in them.  Their farms, businesses, and livelihoods have been one missed report, one lawsuit, or one regulation away from extinction.   Even in Republican administrations, the regulations didn’t seem to roll back, they just stopped getting worse for a few years.   They were all prepared for it to get worse – four more years of Washington encroaching on them.  But this week, it was the bureaucrats turn to worry.  This week, D.C. had to listen to them.

Even for this #NeverTrump conservative, it was impossible not to be happy for them.  Hillary called them deplorable, but these men are part of the fabric of our society, growing our food, running businesses, and employing neighbors, and they deserved to win, even if Trump, and some of more unsavory supporters, didn’t.

I hope that the character of these men wears off on the President they voted for.  If he fights their policy fights, and not his personal fights, it will be a good four years for them, and the country.

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