My sordid Fox News history

The first time I was to be on Fox News, major flooding pre-empted me.

The second time was during YearlyKos last year and tornados in the plains bumped me.

The third time, high winds in Atlanta blew a tractor trailer into an RV keeping me on the interstate for hours past when I should have been on.

This was the fourth attempt.

Last night, tornadoes hit downtown Atlanta. 30 minutes before I was suppose to be on the air, another tornado hit downtown Atlanta.

Windows in the Westin Hotel downtown were ripped out all the way up the building. Downtown looks like a war zone.

Oh, and I did get on Fox News. They ditched Matthew Ygelais and had me on with Greg Kelly to talk about the weather in Atlanta.

Greg was kind enough to plug RedState at both the beginning and end of the interview.

I may be a walking trailer park and not even know it.

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  • No, Erick…you are not a walking trailer park. Christy wouldn’t have married you if you were. Not to mention that Evelyn’s vocabulary and use of language would be vastly different. No, a trailer park you are not.