Nancy Pelosi’s Nightmare With Dreamers

The signs have all been there. The problems created by the Democrats propensity for behaving like bad a parent who whispers “You know you’re really my favorite” in the ear of each one of their children are coming home to roost. For years, the Progressive Left has been carving the population into subsets based on specific identity characteristics and trying to serve the very specific needs of these groups no matter how small they are or how outlandish their demands.

Their most recent problems started during the 2016 primary at Netroots Nation when Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders were shouted down by Black Lives Matter during stump speeches. The latest victim of this problematic parenting style? House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and it is delicious in it’s irony.

During a press conference that was supposed to demonstrate the Minority Leader’s unwavering commitment to participants in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in her home district in San Francisco, about 40 protesters marched into the room and began chanting demands. Among them is advocating for DACA participants (I refuse to use the phrase Dreamers as it is just another term used to evoke sympathy by the Progressive Left in order to make you care) is not enough.

According to these activists and their chant, Pelosi must be an advocate for the “11 Million” who are in this country illegally. Further, they accuse Democrats of creating a “deportation machine” that removed 3 million illegal immigrants from the United States under Barack Obama. With this disruption The Minority Leader’s PR moment was ruined and to many on the Far Left her actions were exposed as falling far short of what is required on behalf of the illegal immigrant community.

You can watch the entire debacle here if chaos is your thing, but below is a giggle worthy slice as Pelosi and her staff try to regain control of the event. Hearing her scolding defense as she is shouted down is just fabulous.

Following the abrupt end to the event, Nancy Pelosi’s bewilderment is palpable. She calls the protesters attacks on Democrats “ridiculous” and attempts to defend her personal record from their attacks. Somehow I do not think her comments will do much to appease her critics on this issue. Nor as the leader of the party, will her comments about having policies full of illegals and her desire to fix their problems play well with the working and middle class voters the Democrats walked away from between 2008 and 2016.

I can only hope more events like this take place and the demands from the Progressive Left become more outrageous. Democratic Leaders like Nancy Pelosi and others fail to understand they can no longer control the narrative as they prefer. Having gone so far down the path of catering to ever smaller identity subsets, it may be too late for a course correction. A quick bit of math tells me the the House Minority Leader just suffered a public relations nightmare attempting to be an advocate for approximately 0.0025% of the people residing in the United States.

To those watching in the Center, who may look at the of DACA participants and feel sympathy for their plight, what was also made clear is the children are revolting. No solution goes far enough. Addressing the plight of those in DACA is just the tip of the iceberg. Now there are cries for 11 million new citizens. Next it will be entry for their extended family. As the Democrats look to please all of the people all of the time it is imperative our message revolve around why these are really awful ideas for a huge swath of Americans already afraid of losing good paying jobs to technology and continuing to deal with lagging wage increases.

Should people feel sympathy for those in DACA? Absolutely. Should we feel responsible for their plight or compelled to offer solutions that harm people who are citizens or entered country legally? Absolutely not as that falls squarely on their parents. And no solution to this problem should include provisions that encourage more parents to toss their kids over the border by whatever means possible with the hope of eventual amnesty. It’s time for Democrats to pick their favorite child and one has to question the calculus they will use to make that determination.


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