Nancy Pelsoi’s Strange New Case of Bush Derangement Syndrome

Apparently, Nancy Pelosi does.

During an appearance last Sunday on This Week, host Jonathan Karl asked the once and (she hopes) future Speaker of the House about how Democrats would be able to work with Donald Trump if they come back into power after the 2018 midterm elections.  Undeterred by the possibility that she might not even be there if this Bernie Sanders fan gets his way and bumps her off in the primary, Pelosi did the usual spinning–but at one point, her mouth got ahead of her talking points and she had a bit of a slip:

I see everything as an opportunity. And I’ve never have seen so much willingness to help win. And winning means winning for the American people, that either we win or whoever wins understands the priorities of the American people. And they are not the President Bush — excuse me. So sorry, President Bush. I never thought I would pray for the day that you were president again. But…

Juicy!  Here’s a video clip in case you have some popcorn handy:

Now I could engage in a cheerful bon mot and make an observation about Pelosi having a senior moment, or perhaps imply that the Botox treatments are finally starting to take their toll–but we have standards here at The Resurgent (plus it would be kinda cruel going after such low-hanging fruit).  Besides, I don’t believe that Pelosi is so addled by nostalgia for her gavel that she’s pining away for the good old days.  It’s far more likely she’s just a political hack who thinks that Republican presidents are pretty much interchangeable.

It’s one of the many things about politics that drive normal people crazy.  Everybody knows that her empty “prayer” that W was still president doesn’t mean a damn thing.  The Democrats would still be fighting him tooth and nail, just as they did when he really was president.  Sure, they were more than happy to cooperate when W, offering an olive branch, gave away the store on the education bill and Medicare Part D;  but when he wanted the Dems to meet him halfway on practically any other issue, they opposed him every step of the way–which included Harry Reid’s infamous lie about the failure of the troop surge in Afghanistan, even as American troops were fighting there.  Despicable doesn’t begin to describe their behavior–but it would have been the same with any Republican president, even the biggest RINO squish in Washington.

Pelosi inserted “Bush” instead of “Trump” because to her–to all Democrats, really–they’re both the same.  In their view, the only good Republican is one who’s out of office.

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