Re my “worn out” post. Naps. Naps are a wonderful thing. Christy and I put Evelyn to bed after church, had lunch, and fell fast asleep until about 3 yesterday. Very nice.

On a note of humor, I got interviewed a while back — well not so much an interview as two questions about how blog fix errors — and the article is apparently out in some newspaper somewhere, but not available online. I had forgotten all about this. This has happened a few times lately and I wonder what the ethics are.

This, for example, was back in October. There have been a couple of others out lately that were from interviews from like August. Now, most of the people are good enough to follow up with an email to see if my thoughts have changed, but still — that’s a long time.

I haven’t given any interviews since I took my new job back in November, so it’s kind of funny to see stuff still coming out with me being interviewed. Oh well, at least it keeps my name alive.

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