National Right to Life Just Helped Get Planned Parenthood Funded

National Right to Life long ago ceased being a pro-life organization except in name. It exists to suck in cash from Christians that is in turned used to promote a Republican congress, not really a pro-life Congress. It so long ago confused the GOP for the cause that it has just worked hand in hand with the GOP to fund Planned Parenthood in the name of preserving a Republican congress at the expense of the unborn.

Read Ben Domenech’s twitter time line on this point. He makes invaluable points and I suspect will have more at The Federalist today on this.

I have long been critical of NRTL. During the Obamacare fight it worked to provide cover for the last remaining pro-life Democrats to sell out the cause and, once they were gone, became nothing more than a booster of the Republican Establishment.

Republicans have just passed a continuing resolution that will fund Planned Parenthood. Real pro-life activists have documented repeatedly the horrors of Planned Parenthood, the potential criminal activity of the organization, and the savagery of the organization. But the GOP was scared of a government shutdown over the continuning resolution and we can’t have a government shutdown over whether to fund child murderers. National Right to Life looked the other way so as not to risk the GOP having to fight on the issue.

The government will stay open, Planned Parenthood will get your tax dollars, and children will continue to be killed because pro-lifers in Washington have decided a Republican congress is more important than actually standing up for what they believe in.

Is it any wonder we now have a Presidential candidate who supports funding Planned Parenthood when major pro-lifers do stuff like this? They, of course, now back the would be Planned Parenthood funder too.

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