NBC Buries Story on Bernie’s Bank Fraud, But Then Buries Bernie on Healthcare

Leave it to Chuck Todd of NBC to find a way to commit a random act of journalism while at the same time earning his Democrat/Media Complex merit badge for effective bias.

It all happened when hosting Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Sanders, the comic figure of the left famous for offering free healthcare, free college, free candy, free lollipops and ponies to anyone who will feel his Bern, was invited on the Meet the Press to talk healthcare.

And on that issue, Chuck Todd did an admirable job pressing Sanders on his obvious hypocrisy. First, relative to his irresponsible rhetoric, Todd asked:

I want to first address that rhetoric. You tweeted that issue of saying that yes, you thought people would die. And then Senator Orrin Hatch retweeted, he said here, “Let us be clear. This is not trying to be overly dramatic. Thousands of people will die if the Republican healthcare bill becomes law.” Orrin Hatch retweeted you and said, “This brief time when we were not accusing those we disagree with of murder was nice while it lasted.” Any regrets at using the rhetoric you used?

Surprisingly precisely no one, Sanders was not regretful. It’s totally fine to accuse your political opponents of murder if you’re a leftist, apparently. To defend his absurd accusation, Sanders trotted out his standard line about how “study after study” shows that “throwing 23 million people off healthcare” will result in the possibility they could get sicker or maybe die. It’s not true, of course, and completely speculative and irresponsible to say. But that’s how socialists make bank.

When Todd pressed further, Bernie unsurprisingly got confused, complaining that the Republicans put this bill together in secret and that nobody knows what’s in it. Unfortunately Chuck lacked the guts to immediately cut to a clip of Nancy Pelosi’s infamous line that “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it.”

But the real frustration for those who believe in a free and investigative press came in the fact that Chuck Todd had over seven minutes to talk to Bernie and never once did he bring up the fact that Bernie and his wife are under an open FBI investigation in what is shaping up to be a substantial case of bank fraud. Seven minutes, not one question.

Keep in mind that Chuck is part of the same media that finds time to discuss the “Trump Investigation” nearly 24/7 – and that isn’t an FBI investigation. Yet here is the Democrat Party’s standard bearer in many respects, sitting in front of the camera’s railing (as always) against big banks and the top 2%, all while it is becoming increasingly likely that Bernie and his bride were involved in defrauding banks so that they could remain in that top 2% themselves…and not a single question about it?


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