Never Heard of Him

Someone else wants to run for Mayor of Macon as a Repubilcan. That’s funny. I’ve never heard of him and we had our county convention on Saturday and I don’t recall him being there.

A second Republican says he will enter the Macon mayoral race.

Local businessman David Cousino met with residents in Mattie Hubbard Jones Park on Sunday afternoon to announce his plans. In a telephone interview Sunday evening, Cousino said he wants to get rid of the arguing and bickering among current elected officials and prod them to work together.

“My plans are to basically streamline the city,” he said.

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  • Dear FAP,

    I want to know, who are you? If you are so darn bright what is the name of your blog and or website. If you are a real bonafide conservative, then please do tell me where I can read your brilliant masterpieces. I am so tired of reading your critique of someone else, and I am also tired of conservatives covering up scandals with like a cat uses a litter box. If you are a liberal that is just trying to stir up debris then let us know. If you have a real vision for this country then get with the program of changing the status quo. In other words put up or shut up!

    And no I am not my usual politically correct self today, I injured my back last week and the pain pills are not helping enough. So I am not the kinder gentler conservative over the age of 50 GOP member. LOL!

  • And btw, Erick, the cons from the South as FAP calls us (don’t put me into that group, FAP) are getting what they deserve. There catty clever shenanigans are coming back to bite them in the derrier. The white elitists changed parties like some change underwear, and now they dare to challenge someone like Fickling doing the same thing. It is a riot, is it not! Oh how dare the other side to do the same thing that we are guilty of doing. I want to know, are there any real conservatives in Bibb County other than me and most of my clients? Because all I see is opportunists or country club Republicans that would flunk a conservative test. And don’t get your ego up either FAP because you have not proved to me that you are a conservative either. Please someone define to me what fiscally conservative means.

  • Well I thought it meant con men. Sorry. But you still have not detailed out your plan for the good of the United States.