Never Underestimate the Trump Campaign’s Ability to Step on Itself

Donald Trump has had an excellent week on the campaign trail. At the start of the week he gave two really good speeches that were on message and on TelePrompter. He gave a great speech last night that the media has been talking about all morning. He apologized for hurtful remarks, etc.

But between each, his campaign has stepped all over the media coverage and shifted it to campaign turmoil stories. After the speeches at the beginning of the week, Trump brought in Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway. The media stories moved to those processes and away from the speeches.

Last night, Donald Trump gave a great speech in North Carolina. It was actually one of his finer speeches. In it, he even expressed regret for prior, hurtful remarks. This morning his campaign team was making the case that people needed to forgive Trump.

Then Paul Manafort resigned.

That is going to be the story now. All of Trump’s big speeches this week have been trumped by campaign turmoil stories. It didn’t have to be that way, but the Trump campaign made it that way. It will also, as is a consistent pattern with Trump, distract from both the Obama-Iran ransom story and, more importantly, the latest news about Hillary Clinton’s emails and the rebuke by Colin Powell.

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