I was going to have a piece this morning on the media’s concerted effort to turn the devastation in Puerto Rico into President Trump’s Katrina. I think it is a false narrative for a lot of reasons first and foremost because the devastation of the island was compounded by the damage to San Juan’s port and the lack of electricity and water. It has made things very difficult.

The Democrats, of course, are using the tragedy for political gain against the President and the media has been complicit. The situation is just very different from Katrina.

But then the President did what he did on Twitter this morning, predictably taking the bait against San Juan’s Mayor. Maybe she was being partisan. Maybe she is just lashing out over the frustration of what she is experiencing. Maybe it is both.

The President’s supporters will cheer that he is punching back. They will cheer that he is not taking it like Bush took all the post Katrina criticism.

But sometimes the President should be Presidential and getting in the mud is not. The people of Puerto Rico are hungry, thirsty, homeless, and fearful. They won’t hear a lot about President Trump’s twitter fight and it won’t matter to him because they cannot participate in the Electoral College.

It should matter to all of us though that the President is so willing to get in the mud and fight back when the mayor and everyone else in Puerto Rico need our empathy and compassion. Sometimes the President just does not need to dial up the jackass and sometimes he does not need to be defended.

So I have deleted my former post and he can stand or fall on the merits of his tweets this morning. Yay, President Trump punched a critic — a critic who is on an island trying her best to help others where most of the people now have no homes, no power, and no running water. What a man he is!

Updated: worth pointing out, as Susan noted, that the President also had the luxury of tweeting his responses from the comfort of his country club in New York while the mayor of San Juan is sleeping on a cot in a shelter. And he thought the optics of Tom Price on private planes were bad.

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