President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama greet President-elect Donald Trump and his wife Melania at the White House in Washington, Friday, Jan. 20, 2017. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

#NeverTrump – Now what?

Were you a #NeverTrump voter? Let me guess … you lost friends, endured ridicule, lost status, were told you were outside of God’s will, and constantly told that you’d be helping put Hillary in the White House.

How do I know? Because I was one of you, and I experienced all of the above – from people I’d trusted and in some cases admired and even saw as mentors. And from what I’ve heard, my experience was tame compared to what some of you endured.

The question for those of us who cast votes of conscience for other candidates – as I did for Evan McMullin – or for those who in the closing days decided to hold our noses and with great reluctance choose what we saw as the lesser of two evils is … What now?

As I ponder this question for myself on the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration, I imagine there are many others across our nation who are doing the same. You’ll find some of the conclusions I’ve reached below. If you have others to add, I’d like to hear them via the Twitter link above.

Stand behind our President. Before determining our next actions, this must take priority. We cannot allow ourselves to get caught up in the numerous movements to delegitimize the upcoming administration. And as difficult as it still is to put those two words together … President Trump … it is the right thing to do. Remember how difficult it was to follow your conscience in November when everyone seemed to be against you? Well you can’t stop now. If you still can’t stomach getting behind the new President, ask yourself:  Is it still your conscience you’re listening to, or is it pride? You cannot move on without first taking this step.

Stay vigilant, and stay vocal. Standing behind our President – and yes, he will be ours, not theirs – doesn’t mean that we sacrifice our moral and ethical foundation in order to do so. Compromise without capitulation, dissent without derision – these are the order of the day. Contrary to what many preach today, respect for an authority figure should never have to be earned up front – it should be the default until it is lost. And though candidate Trump lost much respect with many of us, President Trump deserves it until he does something to lose it.

Fight harder than ever for our issues. With both the White House and the Congress under Republican control and a mandate for the expulsion of political gerrymandering from the process, there is more than ample reason to hope for substantial, commonsense gains for conservative causes. But if the weak-spined Republicans in the Congress get the slightest idea that apathy has begun to set in among the voters, they will continue their do-nothing ways and think of nothing more than lining their own pockets and campaigning for the next election. No matter your issue – Life, Guns, Faith, Family, whatever – don’t rest now and simply hope progress will be made. WE must make that progress happen, and WE must keep a strong wind of conservatism at those lawmakers’ backs.

Recruit candidates NOW. The next regular federal election is less than two years away. We must start NOW recruiting candidates of conscience – for federal, state, and local offices. That means some of us need to step up and accept that mantle. While it is true that not everyone would make a good candidate, there are many out there who would – IF they would. We all – yes ALL – need to take a long look inside and ask ourselves if we are up to the task. And if the answer is yes, then we must answer the call.

Finally but most importantly …

Know and trust your source. Finally, above all we must continue (or maybe for some of us begin) to look to the right source for guidance. The foundation of conservatism lies in the Word of God, and it is there we must look first for guidance. Don’t just claim your faith – know and live your faith. Dive in to the Word deeply, and soak in its truths. Sear those truths into your God-ordained conscience, and then follow that conscience wherever it leads.

You followed it at the ballot box; don’t stop following it now.

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