NEW: Comey Confirms FBI Investigation, But Liberals Are Responsible For Election

FBI Director Comey told the House Intelligence Committee that the agency is investigating Russian influence in the election, including collusion with any campaign. The New York Daily News breathlessly reported “we lost a war” with Russia, that their interference with our election is somehow responsible for the result they still reject.

In a close election where a few thousand ballots across a few states brought victory to a man who lost the popular tally by almost 3 million votes, the hacks of the Democratic National Committee and the associated WikiLeaks email bombs were easily enough to make the difference.

Oh, please. And there’s more.

Still more important was the unexpected advantage Trump displayed over Hillary Clinton in social media. The Trump staff did not exhibit much technical expertise. And yet, somehow, the generators and distributors of fake news were, as if magically, on his side. The Clinton “ground game” was crushed by the Trump meme game. The bots worked 24/7 for Trump.

The Russians, meaning Vladimir Putin, preferred Trump over Clinton. Nobody questions this. But the Democrats and main stream media preferred Trump over 15 other Republican candidates, which was much, much more significant than anything we think the Russians did.

Trump received $2 billion in free media through March 15, 2016.

Over the course of the campaign, [Trump] has earned close to $2 billion worth of media attention, about twice the all-in price of the most expensive presidential campaigns in history. It is also twice the estimated $746 million that Hillary Clinton, the next best at earning media, took in. Senator Bernie Sanders has earned more media than any of the Republicans except Mr. Trump.

A big part of the responsibility for this lies directly With Her. From Salon:

What was not often acknowledged in Trump’s heated race against Democrat Hillary Clinton, however, was how her campaign fueled his rise to power.

An email recently released by the whistleblowing organization WikiLeaks shows how the Clinton campaign and Democratic Party bear direct responsibility for propelling the bigoted billionaire to the White House.

In its self-described “pied piper” strategy, the Clinton campaign proposed intentionally cultivating extreme right-wing presidential candidates, hoping to turn them into the new “mainstream of the Republican Party” in order to try to increase Clinton’s chances of winning.

Just like practically everyone else, Clinton and her media minions believed that She would destroy him in the general election. They did everything they could to elevate him and eliminate his Republican rivals. In the normal course of political life, we’d have to assume that Ted Cruz’s prediction of implosion would happen.

But news reports, free airtime, and profit-driven media motives changed that outcome. But now the media and Democrats would rather blame “fake news” and the Russians.

I’m not discounting the importance of identifying, rejecting, and preventing Russian interference in our elections. But I think it will turn out the Russian problem will be much less significant than the expectations of this investigation’s conclusions.

Yes, we’ve been manipulated, controlled, and gaslighted. But it wasn’t the Russians who did that. It was the Democrats. It’s too bad the FBI can’t investigate that, because it’s not a crime.

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