NEW: Everything You Need To Know About Trump’s Morning Twitter Outburst

This is maddening. A few days ago Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey, and the liberal reaction was priceless. Just last week, when Comey was testifying about Hilary’s email scandal, the left hated him. Now they love Comey again, even though he was caught embellishing facts regarding emails found on Anthony Wiener’s personal computer. The whole ordeal was a perfect opportunity to demonstrate the Trump Derangement Syndrome that has infected the liberal media. And then the President had to open his mouth and ruin the whole thing.

As Erick noted earlier today, the President needs to Shut the Hell Up. He has already made the press team look bad by undermining their (perfectly good) narrative, but it gets worse. The President of the United States has decided to make a fool of himself on Twitter, again.

That’s far less convincing now that you’ve admitted Comey was fired over the Russia investigation. It’s almost like President Trump wants us to talk about his ties to Russia. But wait, it gets better…

OK, innocent enough, right? Certainly not something we would’ve expected Bush or Reagan to say, but Trump is a different animal all together. Maybe we can just overlook this Tweet, right? Unfortunately, there’s more…

A very active President? President Trump has time to Tweet, and he has time to go on the news and contradict his press team. The problem here is not that Trump is too busy to get the talking points right. Obviously he’s not busy enough, because he still has time to act a fool on Twitter.

I have a better idea: take away the Presidential Twitter for the sake of sanity.

It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.

Remember, he’s a very active President, with lots of things going on.

I guess the ADHD medication wore off right before this tweet? The whole charade really is mind boggling. Trump wants us to believe the Russia allegation are “fake news” concocted by the left, but he is so fixated on the issue that we can’t seem to move on. What will the news cycle look like this weekend? Will we be talking about trade agreements with China, or Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia? Donald Trump’s Twitter is nothing but a giant distraction, and it’s going to get him into more and more trouble as time goes along. Someone please put a stop to this madness.

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