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New NBC Show ‘This Is Us’ Has Great Pro-Life Message

On Tuesday, I decided to tune to the new TV series “This Is Us” on NBC. Bear in mind, I generally avoid watching TV series as they are time-consuming or not substantive. But this program caught my attention.

Starring singer Mandy Moore, actor Milo Ventimiglia, and others, “This Is Us” promises to be a captivating show on NBC this fall. After all, their promotional efforts have been quite effective in drumming up support for the new series. Just watch the show’s trailer:

Ventimigilia said viewers are craving an uplifting show this fall, and so far, “This is Us” has delivered on that.

The show begins with a Pittsburgh-based couple Jack and Rebecca–played by Ventimigilia and Moore, respectively–celebrating Jack’s birthday in the mid-to-late 70s. Rebecca then goes into labor. She’s six weeks early and has been told she has a “high-risk” pregnancy. A mediocre actor Kevin (Justin Hartley) wakes up realizing there’s more to life than being a playboy bachelor. His twin sister Kate (Chrissy Metz) has come to the realization that she needs to change her eating habits. And a fourth character Randall–a successful businessman played by Sterling K. Brown–finally discovers who his biological father is. He knows his father left him at a fire station 36 years ago after his crack addicted mother died during childbirth. Viewers soon learn that four of the characters are all celebrating their 36th birthday.

Plot twist? The characters in the show are revealed to be related to each other! Here’s a bit more from the program via WSJ:

As revealed in the final moments of the series premiere, three of the characters—Kate (Chrissy Metz), Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown)—don’t just share a birthday, they are siblings. And the pregnant couple—Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia)—turn out to be the siblings’ parents, whose bittersweet experience at the hospital birthing unit had happened decades in the past.

Without a doubt, this pilot episode of the TV series boasted a strong pro-life and pro-adoption message.

High-risk pregnancies were common in the 1970s.  Abortion was and is still recommended for women with a high-risk pregnancy, so it’s good to see Mandy Moore’s character go through with the pregnancy. After losing one of the babies–born stillborn– the couple Jack and Rebecca adopt a black baby brought into the hospital by a firefighter (who is revealed to be 36-year old Randall from Philadelphia). What a crazy yet awesome plot twist!

I’ll be tuning into the show, and hope you do too! Modern-day TV could benefit from more positive shows like this.

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