New Polls Confirm America Is Toast

A friend forwarded me recent IVR polls done in Arizona and Nevada by the September, Inc. group out of Las Vegas.

51% of the respondents were women, 49% were men.

35% of the respondents were Republican, 38% were Democrat.

The polls are, without a doubt, confirmation that America is toast.

While most polls use traditional type questions and phrases to attempt to learn more about voters, the folks at September, Inc., recognizing the election cycle we are in, cut to the chase.

After the traditional marker questions (age, gender, party affiliation), they begin the questions section with the following statement:

And now we are going to ask you some non-traditional questions that were developed from actual comments by regular, working Americans at bars, in taxis, and at sporting events and pizza joints across the country.

Question #5 (after the marker questions):

The first question is, thinking about a candidate for President of the United States, would you prefer a candidate who sells fake degrees or a candidate who sells out the country? For a fake degrees, press one. For selling out the country, press two.

No attempt to define the seller of fake degrees or the seller of the country. The respondents knew.

64% of the respondents chose the Sells Fake Degrees option. 36% chose Sells Out Country.

Question #8:

And the next choice is, would you prefer a candidate who is financially bankrupt or one who is morally bankrupt? For the financially bankrupt, press one. For morally bankrupt, press two.

71% chose Financially Bankrupt, 29% chose Morally Bankrupt.

Folks, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we’re screwed either way this fall.

As I wrote here at The Resurgent months ago, the 2016 election cycle is the place where multiple societal paths have intersected. We have a public education system teaching to the test, not how to reason, a culture more interested in what happened the last 24 hours than the last 2400 years and reality TV reinforced by 24/7 news channels pummeling the senses.

The September Inc. polls (Arizona Poll and Nevada Poll) reinforced what I have thought all along and they asked the questions so many want to avoid in the language so many understand.

Kudos to them.


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