New TIME #GunsInAmerica Cover Features Resurgent Writer Gabriella Hoffman

I was one of 245 participants to participate in this special edition of TIME Magazine put on by artist JR. Check it out!


On CBS This Morning, TIME Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief and French artist JR revealed the new cover of the publication called “Guns in America” — which I was a participant of. Many folks were quick to judge this project, but can be rest assured they portrayed the Second Amendment issue fairly. In fact, it looks like they pulled a lot of gun rights enthusiasts and hunters for the project. Prominent folks on the Second Amendment side also profiled were Congressman Steve Scalise, Washington Free Beacon reporter Stephen Gutowski, a slew of competitive shooters, hunters, and many more.


Below is the announcement:

The print edition will be available in stores starting tomorrow. You can find the electronic version here and a snapshot of the audio below:

Here’s why the “Guns in America” issue was printed, per TIME’s editor-in-chief Edward Felsenthal:

Last May, when JR and I first discussed his creating a cover for TIME, we immediately landed on guns. It was just a few months after the school shooting in Parkland, Fla., which had prompted a painful and often vicious national debate over what is certainly a shared goal: preventing the senseless mass murder of children. What drew JR to the subject was that he knew little about it. “In France,” he says, “we don’t have any relationship with guns, and so I’m discovering the whole issue.” What drew me to this collaboration was the hope that his creativity and outsider’s perspective could help those of us in America think differently about this debate, and the many others where rage too often substitutes for discourse.

JR’s mural envisions the cover of TIME as a table, the kind of setting where we might actually listen to one another. Over five months, he and his team, along with a group of TIME journalists, traveled to three cities—St. Louis; Washington, D.C.; and Dallas—to film, photograph and record, one by one, people who represent the vast range of voices in our gun debate.


The final result brought together 245 people from every imaginable vantage point: veterans and teachers, hunters and doctors, people afraid that guns may kill their children and people afraid they won’t have guns to protect their children. They include Lezley McSpadden, whose son Michael Brown was shot dead in Ferguson, Mo., which helped spark the Black Lives Matter movement; members of the trauma team that treated victims of the horrific 2016 sniper attack on Dallas police; House majority whip Steve Scalise, a gun-rights supporter who was critically injured in a shooting at a congressional baseball practice; and former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in the head at a 2011 constituent event. We are grateful to the participants for their time.


If you’re looking to see where my spot is, it’s towards the center-right. I grabbed a screenshot below:


I was honored to participate in this project and hope you give it your consideration. The media is taking baby steps, I believe, to cover this issue fairly.

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