New York City Bodegas to Launch Peaceful Protest Against Trump’s Travel Ban on Thursday

And this will help?


New Yorkers should plan on doing all of their shopping tonight, early Thursday, or wait until Friday.

Why, you ask?

Because in protest over Trump’s recent travel ban, bodega owners in New York City plan to take the day off, en masse.

“This shutdown of grocery stores and bodegas will be a public show of the vital role these grocers and their families play in New York’s economic and social fabric,” the organizers of the event wrote on their Facebook page.

The Yemeni-American community apparently dominate the grocery market in New York City. Yemen is one of the countries affected by the ban, so this is their way of getting back at the president.
The Thursday strike is set to take place from noon until 8 p.m., with over 1,000 stores slated to participate in the protest.

“[D]uring this period, grocery store owners will spend time with their families and loved ones to support each other; many of these families have been directly affected by the Ban,” the organizers wrote.

So this is about as peaceful – though ultimately useless – of a protest as I can imagine.

I much prefer this to the ready-made signs, chanting, window-breaking, car-burning, assorted vandalism and graffiti of the usual leftist protest.

We have seen the ugliest elements of human nature ooze into our streets during this election season. It has been heartbreaking to see, for anyone who truly loves their country.

We’re also seeing such inner-party friction on the right, with well-known media figures gleefully promoting the destruction of other Republicans who don’t fall in line, that you have to wonder if they were ever a part of the small government, free market, pro-Republic party, to begin with.

If every protest was focused on family time and just unplugging from the nastiness for awhile, I think we’d see the dialogue elevated to a new age of civility.
We should all long to see that.

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