News Unfit To Print

Hat tip to The Corner to a link to John Leo’s current column where he takes on the media for not really reporting facts from Iraq.

Word that Bremer actually gave the speech is something of a collector’s item among American reporters. The Washington Post said Bremer left without giving a talk. The Los Angeles Times did worse. It missed the speech, then insulted Bremer for not giving it. A July 4 Times “news analysis” said: “L. Paul Bremer III, the civilian administrator for Iraq, left without even giving a final speech to the country–almost as if he were afraid to look in the eye the people he had ruled for more than a year.” This is a good one-sentence example of what readers object to in much Iraq reporting–dubious or wrong information combined with a heavy load of attitude from the reporter.

You should read the whole thing. It is quite good and really shows how irresponsible the media has gotten.

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