Newt Gingrich Suggests a 2020 Trump-Clinton Rematch (Please Kill Me Now)

This election cycle has been the most painful I can remember. Thankfully, I haven’t lost friends over Trump (it has come close), but so many others who are vested in the outcome have broken relationships because of one very selfish man. If I had the choice between having my liver removed by Hannibal Lecter while he kept me awake to watch, or doing this election again, I might choose the fava beans.

Newt Gingrich, however, seems intent on a rematch.

POLITICO: And so you think he might run again in 2020?

“I think that’s very possible,” Gingrich responded. “I think he likes being part of a movement — he likes thinking of it as a movement. … I was thinking about this, [and] he said to me the other morning, … ‘I sent out one tweet and 15,000 people showed up.’”

POLITICO asked: So you’re predicting a Trump-Clinton rematch?

Gingrich: “Could be, assuming she survives.”

What do you mean “survives”?

“That she’s not impeached and convicted,” Gingrich replied. “Look … when people have time to actually digest WikiLeaks and some brave person puts together a book and goes, ‘This, this, this, this, this,’ it’s very hard to imagine how there’s not going to be some serious effort in the first year of her presidency.”

In 2020, Clinton will be 73 and Trump will be 74. Reagan was 73 when he ran for re-election, so it’s not impossible to consider this. Of course, Reagan won in 1984 against Walter Mondale 525 to 13 electoral votes, and over 1.6 million votes (18.2 percent) in the popular vote.

If Trump and Clinton held a rematch in 2020, I think the only thing that would reach 18.2 percent is the increase in the suicide rate.

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