Next Year in Jerusalem-Restoring the U.S.-Israel Alliance

I wonder how American liberals would react if the United Nations condemned foreign countries for placing their embassies in Washington, D.C.? Or if they would applaud if the U.N. zoned which areas of Alexandria, Virginia or Bethesda, Maryland could contain housing and commercial developments around our national capital? In spite of all the griping the Left is doing about the Trump Administration’s plan to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and their rants about Israeli settlements in and around that ancient city, I cannot imagine that they would take too kindly to outside influence over our choice of capital or how we develop it.

Or take liberal hysteria over Russia’s alleged hacking of DNC computer servers, which is being treated by the Left as the only reason Trump occupies the Oval Office today. While election results were not ultimately affected, Liberals recognize the mere attempt as a violation of our national sovereignty. This is the same Left that applauded when now-former President Barack Obama tried to directly intervene in Israeli elections- using taxpayer dollars- to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 2015. Liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds, and is nowhere more evident than in their treatment of Israel.

The U.S.-Israel alliance – a great force for good in the world- reached a low point under President Obama and his team of diplomats who continually undermined Israel and emboldened its adversaries. From their shameful effort to reprimand and embarrass Israel for infrastructure development in its own capital city at the United Nations, to the Kerry State Department’s decision to release $221 million in foreign aide funding to the Palestinian Authority (which will almost certainly end-up funding Hamas rocket attacks against Israel) on the day Donald Trump was inaugurated, the Obama Administration sought to weaken our ally at every turn.

Now that Donald Trump is in the White House, it is time for America to right our recent wrongs with regard to Israel. In spite of liberal objections, the Administration should follow-through with Mr. Trump’s campaign pledge to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem. By being the first major power to relocate our embassy to the eternal capital of the Jewish people, we will reaffirm our strong commitment to our enduring alliance. At the same time, it is also fitting for newly-installed Ambassador Nikki Haley to work to undo the damage done by the Obama Administration’s parting U.N. Resolution against Israel’s development in their own territory in East Jerusalem.

Liberals are going to scream and howl at both of these efforts, but that should not slow either measure. The Left’s anti-Semitism ought not to be an excuse for America’s foreign policy to continue to be steered off-course by compromising our alliance with Israel. By taking bold and decisive action with regard to Israel, the Trump Administration can recalibrate America’s foreign policy to a position of strength and resolve instead of one of appeasement and surrender. By firmly standing by the only democracy in the Middle East, America will again become a beacon of freedom and hope in the world.

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