Christy and I live in the middle of Macon — inside the city limits. The question comes up all the time in our minds, “What makes a good neighbor.” We try to be good neighbors. On either side of us are delightful people. But, someone somewhere behind us has decided that it’d be cool to have a rooster. The rooster wakes us up every morning with not the standard rooster crow, but more like the crow of a rooster who rides the short bus.

No doubt it is the same neighbor who at all hours of the day and night calls her cat or dog home, loudly.

My rule is generally not to cut the grass before 9am on the weekend, keep the yard looking nice, avoid blaring the stereo, and play nice. The neighbors with roosters, those who cut the grass at sun up on Saturday, and those who let their dogs take dumps in other people’s yards should be horse whipped.

End of rant.

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  • I have lived in several different parts of Bibb County and have known people who have lived in some of the nicest areas of town. Based on my experience and stories I hear from others, you have people who think of the impact of their actions on others, you have people who apparently lack the ability to predict the impact of their actions on others, and you have people who could care less if cutting their grass at 6 a.m. with the stereo blaring and the rooster crowing wakes up every other soul around.

    Ironically, those who could care less about how their actions affect you are often the first and loudest complainers when your actions affect them in some way.

    BTW, when you throw kids into the mix it usually takes it to a whole new level…