Nikki Haley Issues Strong Call For UN Security Council Action On Syria And North Korea

Nikki Haley has proven once again why she was the perfect choice to serve as the US Ambassador to the United Nations. Earlier this week, the GOP rising star and former South Carolina governor issued a strong message for the UN Security Council: the UN must act regarding human rights abuses in North Korea and Syria.

Haley made her remarks as she led a security council meeting dealing with  “maintenance of international peace and security.” She stated that human rights and security go hand in hand and called out the UN for not doing enough to address human rights issues in places like Syria and North Korea.

“Systematic human rights violations help underwrite the country’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs,” she said. “The government forces many of its citizens, including political prisoners, to work in life threatening conditions in coal mines and other dangerous industries to finance the regime’s military.”

“This Security Council must devote considerable efforts to addressing North Korea’s increasing threats to international peace,” Haley asserted.

Haley then explained the direct relationship between human rights abuses and the conflict raging in Syria. She recounted how “in 2011, a group of 12-to-15-year-old teenage boys spray painted a message on the wall of their school” and were violently punished.

“These children were brutally beaten, had their fingernails ripped out by grown men in government prisons, and tortured before they were returned to their parents,” Haley said.

Haley noted that the current tensions in both regions stem directly from the human rights violations going in those countries and that the UN could have done more to address those abuses – and can do more now.

“It is a prime example of why we should take human rights violations and abuses more seriously from their beginning,” she concluded.

Haley made these remarks in the wake of United States airstrikes on Syria and heightening tensions in Asia over North Korean nuclear tests.

It will be interesting to see if the United Nations will act on Haley’s recommendations and take their jobs more seriously across the world (and lay off of Israel and the US for once).

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