No Crime? No Cover-Up

Move over Russian-Trump Campaign collusion. Step aside stolen election. You’ve served your purpose, we don’t need you anymore. You were the star longer than we thought you would be, and we appreciate your service, but we’ve lost that loving feeling, and we’re moving on.

Next up? All things Flynn. The General takes the Fifth? “Must be guilty“. Won’t appear before Congress? “Hang him from the highest tree. Our constituents won’t remember the stench emanating from Hillary, Lois Lerner, Patrick Kennedy, Platte River, Brian Pagliano. No one cares about the lies, the emails, the FOIA delays, the craven subpoena contempt; that’s all in the past. Trump is the true threat, its all hands on deck.”

It’s rich irony when it takes a liberal Senator from San Francisco to be the voice of truth, but that’s where we are: (Wash Examiner)

Some in the news media who have been intensely critical of the Trump administration are now anticipating a potentially anti-climactic end to the investigation into President Trump’s ties to Russia, as even Democratic leaders are admitting they have seen no evidence that Trump colluded with Russia to interfere with the election. In early May, Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein said on CNN that she saw no evidence of collusion, a statement she reiterated last Thursday when asked if anything had changed. “No, it hasn’t,” she said on CNN’s “Situation Room.”

Rep. Maxine Waters has been screeching from impeachment for weeks, she just doesn’t have cause: (Wash Examiner)

Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif, who has called for Trump’s impeachment, also said in early May that there was still no proof of collusion. Asked by liberal Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart if congressional committees had found anything to “back up” accusations of collusion, Waters said, “No, we have not.”

The fact that no crime has been committed by the President or his campaign, that fact that there has been no collusion or stolen election, is finally being admitted by the MSM, albeit most begrudgingly. (Wash Examiner)

But Brzezinski, Scarborough and Frum are just the latest voices in the media to suggest that the chase for evidence of collusion may be a waste of time. Last week, other left-leaning people in the media were drawing the same conclusion. “It may well be difficult to identify any criminal laws violated by the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russia,” CNN commentator and writer for the New Yorker Jeffrey Toobin wrote last Friday. “It will be important for Mueller to investigate, for example, whether anyone associated with the Trump campaign aided and abetted the hacking of e-mail accounts connected to Hillary Clinton’s campaign; that would certainly be a federal crime. But unlike, say, the Watergate investigation, which began with a break-in, it is not immediately clear what crimes may have been committed,” Toobin added.

While thin gruel and unsatisfying in the extreme, those opposed to the President appear to recognize they will have to settle for Gen. Flynn. In normal times, his errors would have been considered administrative, not indictable felonies; but crucifying the General gives them space to continue the investigation into White House obstruction of justice aka cover-up.

In fact the narrative is changing this very week. It will concentrate on Gen. Flynn for a few days to establish his criminality and role as a the bad guy; then it will smoothly segue into Trump’s impeachable high crime being obstruction of justice in an attempt to stop the investigation into Gen. Flynn.

While there are those who will continue to flog the “Trump is obstructing justice in the Russian investigation, sooner or later they will have to lay out for the American public what laws have been broken. It is laughable to believe the charges of obstruction of justice, when no justice is required, no law broken.

There will be other supposed scandals, continued hysteria over tweets and the white noise will not abate. Nobody said draining the swamp would be easy, nor does change come without chaos and conflict.



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