Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch listens as he is asked a question by Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, March 22, 2017, during his confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

NO DEAL: Democrats Made This Bed. Now They Must Sleep In It.

The Politico is reporting Democrats are trying to cut a deal with the GOP to spare the filibuster. They want to assure Republicans that Gorsuch will be confirmed and in exchange they want the GOP to guarantee to spare the filibuster on nominations.

The deal Democrats would be most likely to pursue, the sources said, would be to allow confirmation of Gorsuch in exchange for a commitment from Republicans not to kill the filibuster for a subsequent vacancy during President Donald Trump’s term. The next high court opening could alter the balance of the court, and some Democrats privately argue that fight will be far more consequential than the current one.

No deal. In fact, I am aware that a number of Republicans in the Senate want to rush into scrapping the filibuster now on Gorsuch, whether or not Democrats have major objections, just so they no longer have to go through a song and dance with the next nominee.

The reality is that Democrats scrapped the filibuster for judicial and executive nominations thinking they would never have to deal with the consequences. What they are now dealing with is called a consequence and Republicans should not relieve them of the consequence.

If they do not like it, they should blame Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid. Lest you forget, both men confirmed they intended to scuttle the Supreme Court filibuster if Hillary Clinton became President and they took back the Senate.

Leonard Leo puts it rather succinctly:

Democrats must be delusional to think that Leader McConnell or any of his Republican colleagues would reward Democrats for their awful treatment of Neil Gorsuch by agreeing to a 60-vote threshold for future Supreme Court nominations in exchange for a filibuster-free vote on Judge Gorsuch. One way or the other his confirmation is all but assured by now.  This absurd ‘deal’ would prolong an environment in which Democrat Supreme Court nominees get up or down simple majority votes and Republican nominees get filibustered.  That’s not a deal, it’s unilateral disarmament.

Judicial Crisis Network chief counsel and policy director Carrie Severino also reacted to a potential deal on judicial nominees that may be offered by Senate Democrats:

Now that Neil Gorsuch is well on his way to confirmation, Democrats hope Republicans will fumble at the one yard line.  The silly proposal being floated by Democrats would merely prolong their ability to filibuster exceptionally qualified nominees, while giving Republicans nothing in return.  Republicans would be fools to take it, and I don’t think they are fools.

The Democrats made this bed. Now they need to sleep in it. No deal.

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