No Further Proof Needed.

We have enough evidence now to conclusively show that Ron Paul gets most of his support from anti-war lefty hippies. I think so.

The [Ames ballot counting] mishap was especially embarrassing as it followed a federal lawsuit Friday by supporters of Rep. Ron Paul (Tex.), who argued that the Diebold Election Systems machines were prone to problems. A federal judge denied the request for an injunction blocking the voting, and an appeals court upheld that ruling Saturday.

That’s the standard left line.

Ron Paul has only about 3,000 real supporters nationwide*. He’s got another 5000 or so who are just damn dirty liberal hippies in need of real jobs.

It’s only a matter of time before Cindy Sheehan endorses him.

*real supporters are those who really do believe that Ron Paul’s version of constitutionalism is the one we should follow, along with his foreign policy. I profoundly disagree, but they are not damn dirty hippies. Unfortunately, Dr. Paul also attracts a lot of Kossacks.

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  • copied and pasted from because I know some people never look at a posted link. Read this and weep you neocon fools. I am a former hippie, and I have done quite well in life and fyi most hippies were very clean. You are basing your stereotypes on photos of a minority of hippies that the press that you worship took photos of. As a matter of fact, I was enjoying a little earlier today an old Joe Cocker song that has the lyrics “get by with a little help from my friends.” The inventions that you crave in life, Erick, are all designed and marketed by former hippies, did you know that?

    August 13, 2007
    Faux News vs. Military Men and Women
    Posted by Thomas DiLorenzo at August 13, 2007 10:19 AM

    Two recent news events tellingly reveal why Faux News, while pretending to be THE BEST FRIEND OF THE MILITARY, is in reality the worst enemy of many, if not most, ordinary soldiers.

    News item #1 is that Congressman Ron Paul tops the list of recipients of presidential campaign donations by members of the military.

    News item # 2 is that, after Ron came in 5th in the Iowa Straw Poll (after spending little time or money there)out of eleven contenders, Faux News excluded him from their reporting of the results although they did report on others much further down the list, such as ninth or tenth.

    Why do ordinary military men and women give more money to Ron Paul than to any other GOP candidate? Because he, and he alone, has the courage and devotion to the truth to explain to Americans that they were lied into the war in Iraq. The soldiers who support Ron Paul, a military veteran himself, are patriotic Americans who have volunteered to sacrifice for their country, but not for the abstract pipe dreams of the neocon nerds at the American Enterprise Institute. They understand that their colleagues have died by the thousands for no good reason, and that all of this unnecessary death and maiming is enabled by the professional liars and obfuscators at Faux News, along with talking heads like Laura Ingraham, Limbaugh, Hannity, and the rest of the neocon megaphone-mouths.

    Military men and women cannot criticize the president while they are still in uniform, but many of them are silently repudiating him, his neocon advisors, and his disastrous foreign policy by sending their dollars to the Ron Paul for President campaign.

    Shame on their military colleagues who allow themselves to be used as Bush administration props nearly every evening by Faux News as it “reports” on all the “progress” being made in Iraq.


    The spin room at Faux News. Enjoy! Oh and Steele is a real gem, and helped me solidify my opinion to never again donate to the GOP as an organized group again. From now on, only individuals will ever get a dime from me!