No Matter How Horrendous Hillary Clinton Is, I Still Oppose Donald Trump

The Democrats’ frolic in Philadelphia is mercifully over.

No more making history by becoming the first political party to nominate a woman national security-undermining should-be felon for President of the United States.  No more obsequious kowtowing at the altar of the kid-killing lobby.  No more demeaning of the intrinsic integrity of hard work.  No more sanctification of the open violation of immigration laws by means of glorifying illegal aliens’ alleged plight.  No more weeping “Bernie Bros” who can’t stand the fact that their corrupt party establishment robbed them of the chance to nominate a cantankerous septuagenarian economically illiterate U.S.S.R.-honeymoning nut job who apologizes for an economic/political philosophy whose implementation last century resulted in the gulag-driven deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocents.  No more burning of the Israeli flag.  No more attempting to burn—but being unable to find, because LOL—the American flag.

The Democratic Party is an utter disaster.  The one-time honorable center-left party of Jack Kennedy and Daniel Patrick Moynihan has been reduced to the lunatic party of excessive racial/ethnic/sexual divisiveness, shameless promotion of brazen lawlessness, and obdurate denial of the existential threat posed by the global jihad.  Whereas folks like Kennedy and Moynihan were the pro-Western Cold Warriors of yesteryear, today Democrats like John Kerry and Elizabeth Warren would have us believe that eviscerating West Virginia’s coal mining industry and taking other self-castratingly suicidal enviro-Statist actions is a better approach to defeating Islamic State than is dropping lots and lots of bombs.

The Democrats are an unserious political party befit for a currently unserious nation.  I continue to believe that taking cyanide is preferable to affirmatively voting for Hillary Clinton.  As I recently explained, she is

…a decades-long brutally corrupted socialist who has expressly used the levers of government to enrich herself and her God-forsaken cronies, pathologically lied to the American people over her chicanery on the email scandal, almost certainly belongs in jail for having clearly broken federal criminal law and repeatedly undermining U.S. national security interests, capitulated to the world’s worst actors as Secretary of State and directly abetted Putin revanchism in Eastern Europe, increased Chinese militancy in the South China Sea, the slaughter fields of Syria, the rise of Islamic State, and the second-Holocaust aspiring genocidal would-be nuclear sharia theocrats in Tehran alike, and who literally lied to the the families of slain Benghazi victims whilst those victims’ dead bodies still laid in rest in American flag-draped coffins…

Some of my conservative friends who observe my consistent criticisms of Donald Trump misconstrue my relentless assaults on Cheeto Jesus to be a de facto admission of preference for Hillary Clinton.  Nothing could be further from the case.  A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote to reward rampant cronyism, personal corruption, gross indifference to American exceptionalism, anti-growth Keynesian economics, “living constitutionalist” juridical degradation, and cultural assault with the keys to the most important office in the free world.

There is no “conservative” case for Hillary Clinton.  The singular colorable argument is that, while the GOP’s Charles Lindbergh-sloganeering neo-isolationist demagogue would make the demise of the post-World War II U.S.-led global order an immediate assurance, Hillary Clinton might more steadily manage a slower—while still entirely deliberate—American geopolitical decline.  But even this proves specious.  Trump may bluster about undermining NATO and appeasing his Kremlin pals, but Hillary Clinton literally served as the presiding U.S. Secretary of State over the failed Russian “reset” and the concomitantly sad display of pro-Russia deference of removing Bush-era missile defense systems from our allies in Poland and the Czech Republic.  Paul Manafort and his Muscovite goons may personally lobby the GOP platform to insert pro-Russia/anti-NATO language, but Hillary Clinton legitimately thinks the Iran nuclear deal was a positive development for the West.

So no, there is no positive case whatsoever to be made for voting for Hillary Clinton.

But I am still as determined as ever to never vote for Donald J. Trump to be President of the United States.  I think he is, quite simply put, a bad man.  I think he is a demagogue in the truest sense, and that he stands a 10-15% chance of being less anodyne bloviating narcissist than true would-be fascist.  I genuinely think he is perpetrating a fraud on the American people, and I think some of the more popularly floated conspiracy theories regarding his sophomoric candidacy are entirely plausible.  I could not read his convention speech in the original German, but, as translated by Manafort and his apparatchiks, I thought the speech embodied pretty much the opposite of everything for which we happy warrior Reaganite conservatives ought to stand.  I think he is mentally unbalanced and seeks the presidency out of pure spite.  His ignorance not just of constitutionalism, but also of any of the broader norms inherent in republican self-governance, is simply astounding.  He threatens to start Super PACs purely to crush ex-political rivals, and his petty vindictiveness belongs more in the grammar school playground than in the Oval Office.  There are frankly few people in all of America whom I think are less temperamentally qualified to handle the nuclear football.

So I will never, ever vote for Donald Trump to be President of the United States.  Even as we emerge out of the dumpster fire that was the Democrats’ America-bashing convention in Philadelphia.  Even as the other side nominates a brutally corrupted pathological liar who should be in jail.  Even as the other side’s leftmost flank legitimately cries over the fact that a full-fledged socialist communist did not win their party’s nomination.  Even as the other side actively abets Iranian nuclearization and promotes the open-borders and Islamization agenda that has wreaked so much havoc on the European Continent.

Because Donald Trump is really just that bad.

There are no winners here.  There are not even any semblances of any winners here.

What a time to be alive.

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