No Mr. President, Jamele Hill Should Not Be Fired For What She Said

I don’t watch the show. I don’t want politics with my sports. Sports should be a distraction from politics and if one believes ESPN’s ratings, the Sportscenter anchors who keep out the sports have better ratings than those who make it all political.

Jamele Hill, however, should not be fired for her political views. I have no doubt that if she called President Obama an aider and abetter of terrorists, which I think he was, she would be fired. ESPN treats conservatives poorly. But its ratings suggest people know it and are tuning out.

If Jamele Hill’s personal views expressed so stridently cause her ratings to suffer, ESPN should fire her. But there is not enough data right now. Hill’s primary purpose is to drive ratings to a program. If her political stridency negatively affects that, fire her.

But it is beneath the dignity of the office of the President of the United States for the President and his staff to suggest anyone be fired in the private sector for expressing their political views. To be clear, Saran Sanders said what Hill did was a fireable offense and, to be sure, it would be for a conservative at ESPN. Sanders did not directly state that Hill should be fired, but that certainly was the implication.

And no President or White House staff should do that.

There are those on the right who demand we play by the left’s rules. They quote Rules For Radicals, a book dedicated to Satan, that we should force the left to live by its own rules book. First, I don’t want to behave like Satan. Second, the left’s rule book only applies to the right. It does not matter what you want. President Trump’s Press Secretary really just guaranteed Jamele Hill permanent job security and living martyrdom. They made it less likely that she will be fired even if the ratings suffer.

The people who think Google should not have fired James Damore for expressing his views should be consistent. Hill should not be fired for expressing her views.

But that does not mean you have to watch her. Let the ratings determine her fate, not her views.

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