No Sh– Sherlock

Why is this a story?

Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, yesterday “categorically” rejected suggestions that he run as Democratic Sen. John Kerry’s vice-presidential candidate.

Oh, you mean like he did two weeks ago, and the week before that, and the week before that, and the week before that, and the week before that?

Yeah, this is real news.

The brilliance of this is that it will most likely diminish the real Veep choice.

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  • i wish more people understood what you do.

    unfortunately, fair and balanced is a foreign concept to 99% of the media. perhaps if Economics became a required course with a journalism major it would be different…

  • It really upsets me that McCain makes the news all the time whenever someone says “He would be a good VP canidate”, or whenever he even marginally strays from the Republican line, but a long time Democrat, Zell Miller is out campaigning for W, and not a word is said about it.

    Interesting isn’t it?

  • It it telling that:
    1) Kerry is so weak of a candidate that he has to try to play off of his veep choice to win
    2) Kerry’s own military record…his supposed strongpoint…is so irrelevant and so discredited by his post-Vietnam behavior that he has to try to get another Vietnam vet as his veep choice
    3) Kerry’s own party is so weak that he has to try to steal his veep candidate from the GOP
    4) Kerry’s party is so weak on national defense that it has to draft someone from the GOP to bolster their image (look at Clinton choosing Cohen as SecDef).

    Kerry is a pitifully weak candidate…the real enemy to overcome is the liberal media. If the media were fair and treated Bush and Kerry equally, this race would be a runaway for Bush.

    We need another Tea Party to overthrow the liberal media.

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