Nolte Quit 2 Months Ago, Breitbart’s Loss Is Everyone’s Gain

Breitbart Editor-at-Large John Nolte last filed a story on March 11, following Donald Trump’s then-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski’s manhandling of reporter Michelle Fields.

It turns out that Nolte did in fact quit two months ago, along with Fields, fellow editors Ben Shapiro and Jarrett Stepman, reporter Jordan Schachtel and publicist Kurt Bardella. Practically alone among that crowd, Nolte has remained steadfastly in Trump’s corner.

He posted this on Twitter Monday.

I have nothing against Nolte for keeping his personal job situation to himself. That’s his right. It’s really none of our business if he keeps it private, and we should respect his privacy. I do wish him (and offer my prayers) the best, and his wife a quick healing from whatever ails her.

That being said, it was somewhat disingenuous of Breitbart to leave Nolte’s name on their author list as “Editor-at-Large” for 2 months while the man was no longer associated with them. It might have been awkward to do anything else, but they knew the news would eventually come out, and good management dictates staying ahead of such problems.

It is obvious that Breitbart lacks good management.

There likely hasn’t been a news organization in one candidate’s pocket as much as Breitbart is in Trump’s except for Pravda. Arguably, Drudge Report might also be in the same category, but at least they link other stories as a news aggregator. Breitbart does its own original reporting–but now they’ve compromised not only their journalistic integrity, but also their management integrity.

I don’t even read Breitbart anymore, which is sad, because they do some really good reporting.

Honestly, the main reason I don’t read it isn’t because of the Trump propaganda. I can handle that. I mean, I read Salon at times and they are like a porn site for Obama lovers (soon to be Hillary). No, Breitbart’s problem is that it has become the Weekly World News of online advertising. I can’t deal with the bottom-scraping garbage that litters their page like brothel brochures on the Vegas strip.

“Surprise! 20 Female celebs that swing both ways!” “Don’t do it! The game that will have you hooked!” “$1 buys $100,000 in life insurance!” It’s so filled with clickbait and junk sales that I feel like Redd Foxx should be on the masthead shouting “You big dummy!”

Breitbart News has sold out, not to Trump’s candidacy, but to crass, ugly, filthy money. Were I in John Nolte’s shoes, I would no longer want to work there either, Trump or no Trump. The Donald may be into overglitzed burlesque and gold-plated opulence, but at least his burlesque has some degree of style (sometimes tasteless, but definitely with style). Breitbart lacks even the most basic spray-on version of class. It’s a walking, animated, Internet billboard for a truckstop strip club.

I write for The Resurgent for several reasons, but one that’s chief among them is because Erick is committed to a clean design, free of pop-up robot porno monkeys. John Nolte is a talented writer and editor. I’d be proud to work with him anywhere (once Trump loses at least, because I don’t know if I could keep lunch down otherwise).

Breitbart’s loss is everyone else’s gain. Andrew, were he in the heaven he didn’t believe in, would be sad looking down at what his baby has become.

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