None of the People Praising Trump University Appear to be in Real Estate

This is just an odd response from the Trump campaign. I’m wondering if this is to mollify concerns of the Branch Trumpidians instead of actually trying to credibly respond to the news stories about Trump University.

As Leon Wolf notes, none of the people involved in the testimonial video praising Trump University appear to actually be in real estate, which is what Trump University was about.

One of the people seems to have a personal relationship with the Trump family while selling “protein water.”

One of the people appears to be a professional testimonial video maker.

And then the other guy is . . . . ummmm . . . . well . . . . not exactly in real estate.

It’s just weird and kinda creepy.

And it really is relevant that not a single one of the people is actually in real estate, which was the whole premise behind Trump University.

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