North Korea May Have Popped Another Nuke, Trump Loves These Odds

Fox News is reporting that North Korea has likely detonated another nuclear device at its Punggye-ri test site.

Yonhap news agency, citing a South Korean government source, reported that there was a “high possibility” that Pyongyang had detonated an atomic device.

European and U.S. monitoring services also detected similar seismic activity, with the U.S. Geological Survey calling it an “explosion” on its website.

This event is bad news for the rest of the world, which is largely populated by sane people. The fact that the Norks can produce enough nuclear material to conduct 5 tests is disturbing in itself, because that would imply that they’ve got at least that much material in reserve for operational use (or sale to places like Iran or ISIS).

It’s not like Iran doesn’t have a few hundred billion in bank accounts, and somewhere around a billion in cold hard non-U.S. currency (“by the pallet”) flown in courtesy of Uncle Sam. And North Korea loves cold hard cash, thank you.

There’s one person in this political race who most benefits from these terrible events, and it’s Donald Trump. His entire campaign strategy is to spend as little as possible, and let Wikileaks, Russian hackers, terrorists, and kooks like Kim Jong Un make his case for him.

Trump is actually playing some fairly safe odds here. In the last few months, almost every two weeks, there’s some kind of terror attack or other disturbing crisis in the world that highlights one of Trump’s “easy button” election themes. Although he hasn’t tweeted (at the time of this writing)  on this latest North Korean event, I expect he won’t wait too long to respond.

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