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Norway Considers Adding “Non-Binary” Gender Option To Passports

In a California-esque development that is surprising no one, a political party in Norway is suggesting that a “non-binary” gender option should be included on their national passports.

Mani Hussaini, leader of the creepily named “Workers Youth League” (an affiliate of the Norwegian Labour Party) believes that “all people should have the opportunity to live out their identity and then have to adapt the laws to reality and not vice versa…I am absolutely convinced that this is feasible.”

Except that it isn’t.  I hate to break this to you, Mani, but there are only two genders.  Count them:

  • Male
  • Female

I know that’s complicated.  Let’s go over this again.

  • Male
  • Female

Maybe you would better recognize it in Swedish:

  • Han
  • Hun

Sweden, by the way, delightfully refers to the “genderless” as hen.

For the rest of us, the scientific fact of the two-gendered human race has been known for some time now.  How is it that the youngest children can tell the difference between boys and girls, but fully grown, educated Westerners cannot?  It’s not exactly rocket surgery.

It’s especially rich to note that Mani thinks we need to “adapt the laws to reality.”  I couldn’t agree more, except for the part where one’s identity alone somehow constitutes reality.  I can identify as a Klingon all day long, but my pesky human DNA would suggest otherwise.  Believing you are one thing doesn’t necessarily make it so.

Look, we can talk about gender identity if you want, but when it comes to identifying documentation I think it’s best that we just stick to reality.

Actual reality.

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