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Not All LGBT Groups Are Cheering the Commutation of Manning’s Sentence

Not everyone sees President Obama’s commutation of Bradley “Chelsea” Manning’s sentence for leaking classified military information as an act of mercy or justice.

The Log Cabin Republicans are a rarity in politics – LGBT Republicans.

While the predictable reaction of the liberal LGBT lobby was to cheer Obama’s decision, Log Cabin Republicans aren’t quite as sold that this was a good thing.

“Chelsea Manning is no hero, and the commutation of her sentence is appalling,” Log Cabin Republicans President Gregory T. Angelo stated. He said his group has stood against efforts by the left to “elevate Manning as a paragon” of the LGBT community.

“Manning was not imprisoned for being transgender — in fact, the government agreed to accommodate and facilitate her transition during her well-deserved sentence; she was imprisoned for traitorous clandestine activity that put military lives at risk. Her actions — and President Obama’s clemency — are nothing to celebrate,” said Angelo.

These views set Angelo and his organization as firmly opposite of literally every liberal special interest group that has chimed in with an opinion.

While LGBT advocates are cheering this move, you have to wonder would they be as vocal, or supportive, if Manning was still calling himself Bradley.

I can answer that one, with confidence.


This isn’t about the severity of the punishment for his crimes. They’re celebrating special allowances and leniency, based on his sexual orientation.

Isn’t this the very thing equal rights advocates supposedly fight against – special treatment for some, based on sexual orientation?

I guess it’s not as urgent when things are falling in their favor.

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