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George Felos has written a book. Here is one of the reviews on

This book contains bizarre stories about the author’s fervent desire to end the lives of severely disabled or gravely sick patients. Estelle Browning’s case set a precedent whereby Felos advances his “right to kill” agenda while making a tidy profit for himself as an author.

In this book, Felos claims he has the ability to psychically communicate with the souls of people in comas by SHOUTING at them, “DO YOU WANT TO DIE?? DO YOU WANT TO DIE??”. In response, he hears voices in his head that he claims to be emmanating from the soul of the patient. Predictably, the answer Felos hears is “yes”, which inspires him to take aggressive legal actions to dehydrate and starve a patient who has left no advance healtchare directives.

Felos, remember, is Michael Schiavo’s attorney.

What a creepy little man.

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