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Not Kissing Any Rings

I think the right thing to do moving into the era of the Trump Administration is to call it as I see it — to praise him when I think it is warranted and to criticize when I think it is warranted. I refuse to be on either the Always Trump or Never Trump team post election. Getting the election wrong required admitting I got things wrong and now requires giving Trump the benefit of the doubt, but that is only the benefit of, not serving the role of yes man as some have chosen.

While I don’t regret my choices, I have to admit it hurt professionally and has brought The Resurgent to the brink of going out of business. Any sponsors who did not bolt last year were, at best, forced to scale back. Many of them came under withering attacks and calls for boycott, as did my radio advertisers. It was more effective than I would like to admit, though we kept the lights on thanks to the generosity of others. That may be coming to an end now.

Someone needs to plant their flag for defending conservatism, even against the GOP, whether it be Trump’s GOP or someone else’s. That’s what I intend to do — to call it as I see it. But that only gets me so far without the help of others here and, frankly, our bank account is crossing into critical territory.

Before I started The Resurgent, I asked for help and readers generously gave us over $65,000.00. But this past year, between all the health and personal stuff going on and the professional toll of the campaign, I did not want to push the issue as much as I should have. By the time I got around to really asking, it was just after Thanksgiving. The result is that readers only contributed $19,000.00.

With our advertising revenue, that helped us get through the year, but we ate into our reserves.

The reality is that if we cannot boost ad revenue and, hopefully, count on you guys, we will have to wind things down. I know this will generate laughter from both the alt-right and the left. A conservative site shuttered because of a refusal to kiss a ring does such things.

But I am not kissing any rings and I’ll be damned if I put up any semi-pornographic ads and auto-play video boxes. That is just not going to happen even if I have to close up shop. I would gladly cover all the costs of this site out of my own pocket, but there’s a little thing called medical bills I have to cover right now. Life threw a few curve balls in the last year. I would like to think we can scrape by and perhaps we will have to give it a try. But for now, I figure there is no harm in asking readers for help.

If you want to support honest conservative writing and reporting at a website dedicated to principled conservatism and our Judeo-Christian culture, well, we’d appreciate it. Our only loyalties are to cause and conviction, not candidate.

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