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  • Yes, you did win. But, I happen to think that the way the election was run-call it psychological or whatever was not the way to run a race for Judge. I want to see more integrity in a race, and I suppose I have higher standards than most but that correlates with my age group and older. Again, the FOP, a Sheriff of Crawford County or lawyers that get money from the County for representing cases should not endorse candidates for Judge. And the newspaper should be off limits for endorsements. And then we make it a level playing field.

    When Kenny B. made an announcement that Ed should just pull out of the race after the general election that is when it rubbed me the wrong way. So call it a win, it is a win but the race was not professional at all. Again Congrats. And I still won’t contribute to the FOP!

  • It is appropriate at this time of the year to remember that in the day of final judgment, the Lord will judge me and everyone else. In the end that is all that matters. Merry Christmas Erick to you and your family.