Note To Yale Privileged Hunger Strikers’ Parents: Get The Basement Ready

The ten Puritan ministers who founded Yale are spinning in their graves, or crying tears in heaven, or laughing uncontrollably, depending on your theology. Yale was founded by the Puritans to train youth “for Publick employment both in Church & Civil State,” and it’s now apparent they are failing miserably at both (the number of presidents the school has churned out notwithstanding).

One group of hapless Yale students is bound for their folks’ basements, while a group with a more practical approach might have a chance at greatness. See if you can figure out which is which.

Local 33 of Yale graduate students, hard-nosed negotiators they are, have embarked upon a pointless and ineffective quest for the school to enter into collective bargaining. They started a fake hunger strike, where at least one of the milquetoasts is fasting at some point, between meals, or until they’re hungry.

(Image: Washington Free Beacon)

“Our fast honors those who came before us and believed this moment would come,” reads the pamphlet. Umm, no. I think they’d act with disbelief.

And since it’s a symbolic hunger strike, Yale College Republicans thought they’d symbolically cook up some tasty burgers and BBQ for the strikers when they get hungry and symbolically eat.

Proving the anal-retentive yet symbolically educated liberals can’t take a joke, they didn’t react well online.

Smell the false moral equivalence dripping like juicy burgers.


I bet the parents of most of these little privileged snot-nosed kids who wouldn’t know hunger any more than they’d know how to actually clean a pool or change oil in a car are so proud of what their money has bought.

Behold! The next liberal leaders of the free world! Note to parents: better get the pool house or the basement apartment ready, because your offspring are going to need it.

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