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Now the Democrats Play Into Russia’s Hands

I have been highly skeptical of the New York Times story about Donald Trump, Jr., but with his own release of his own email chain, while I do not think it proves collusion or shows any illegality, it does show that Donald Trump, Jr. lacks credible judgment, any ethical standards, and his father has placed his company in terrible hands. Were I the President, I think I’d be sending Ivanka back to New York to run the family business.

Still, there does not seem to be anything illegal going on despite hysteria to the contrary.

I do have to wonder though if the Democrats are now playing to Russia’s hands. What I mean by that is pretty simple. Through the end of Campaign 2016, the Obama Administration and our intelligence community noted that Russia was not so much out to hand the whole thing to Trump as it was to sow seeds of discord in the American political process. They wanted to sow doubt, fear, dissension, and confusion.

Democrats pointed to the Republican primary process, among other things, as proof that the Kremlin was successful. Republicans, they claimed, were duped. Then, when Clinton lost, instead of accepting she ran a terrible campaign, Democrats decided Russia stole the election.

I wonder if this is actually the point that Russia is duping the Democrats. Yes, Donald Trump, Jr. met with the Russian lawyer, but the Trump campaign got nothing from it. The damage to Clinton came from Wikileaks, which more likely than not came straight from Russia, and from her own email server.

What the Trump team got was exposure for being amateurs and Donald Trump, Jr. looks like an idiot or worse. The Democrats are getting more grievances from this. The situation is even more chaotic before the election.

Again, it is worth noting that there is no evidence of collusion, no evidence the Trump campaign even got anything useful from the Russians, and no evidence that the Russians actually stole the election. There is no evidence that any crime has been committed.

But with this information now coming out it sure does fire up both sides and plays right into Vladimir Putin’s hands. And when you add in that reporters started working on this story back during the heated campaign cycle, it makes you wonder even more about timing and sources. Just as the Russia story seemed to finally be going away, suddenly it is moving full steam ahead. Just as Democrats were pivoting to an economic message, now they are fully back on “impeach Trump” and they have a masterful performance by a Russian lawyer assisting them.

The Russians may have played the Republicans, but they are playing the Democrats too. This whole story just seems too perfect, too convenient, and too perfectly well timed. And to believe it, we basically have to believe the Russians who we cannot trust. That should raise eyebrows and raise as many concerns as Junior’s lack of good judgment.

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