NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Reignites The Civil War

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo believes it’s worth fighting a north-south battle over civil rights. But this isn’t about slavery–well not actual slavery. It’s about slavery to liberal dogma that LGBT-worship beats freedom to worship and serve God.

Cuomo has banned official “non-essential” travel to North Carolina by New York government officials.

Where believing the Bible conflicts with giving gays and lesbians special privileges to shut down businesses, force pastors and churches to marry them, rewrite the scriptures, or otherwise make reality conform to their hedonistic worldview, the Bible loses in New York.

Since North Carolina enacted a law, HB2, which protects women and children from the shame of naked men sharing their locker room and restroom facilities, it’s become the target of the LGBT’s liberal agenda.

The law goes out of its way to point out that, even though it requires men to use the men’s room and women to use the women’s room, single-occupancy restrooms can be used by people regardless of their biological gender or of the gender they identify with. Schools and places of business have the option to make those single-occupancy areas available to individuals who aren’t comfortable in public private spaces assigned to their specific biological gender.

The level of flat-out lies and misrepresentations thrown at this law is beyond the pale, but expected when the goal is to put people of faith in the closet while elevating those with dangling genitalia who wish to inflict their naked bodies upon innocent heterosexual women. Whether those men are gay, transgender, creeps or pedophiles is of no concern to Cuomo and his liberal fellow travelers. It’s because religious people in North Carolina oppose it that compels him to reignite the Civil War.

North Carolina passed HB2 in response to Charlotte’s ordinance which opened up any restroom for anyone. It only made sense for the God-fearing people of North Carolina to demand their representatives override such a terrible law–and they did.

Under the Charlotte ordinance, transgender people weren’t the only ones allowed to use the restroom of the opposite sex. Anyone could. All he had to do was assert that his true gender wasn’t his biological gender. “Transgender” is a tricky word; it’s not like “transsexual,” which refers to someone who has had an operation or taken large doses of hormones. “Transgender” means simply experimentation with the stereotypes of the opposite biological gender. So a clever (or not so clever) rapist could smear on some lipstick, call himself transgender, and waltz right into a locker room full of half-dressed teenage girls.

But New York cares about North Carolina’s people more than its own citizens.

If I were Gov. McCrory, who signed HB2 into law, I would station State Highway Patrol officers at every interstate crossing from the north, and record the license plates of all New York vehicles. I would have that list sent to Gov. Cuomo each day, so he could then contact those individuals to remind them of the ban.

I would purchase a few billboards on these interstates reminding New Yorkers of their governor’s travel ban. (Although it’s for “official”  travel, why wouldn’t it apply to personal travel?) I would also remind them that outside of New York City, which has a similar ordinance to the one Charlotte approved, most of New York is just like North Carolina–ladies’ rooms are for (actual) ladies.

The next step for Cuomo might be to recommission the 85th New York Infantry Regiment, which fought in N.C. The regiment was “ordered to Plymouth, N. C., where in April, it was obliged to surrender to a superior force of the enemy, almost the entire regiment being captured.” I expect it won’t be long before the blue-coats from New York once again go marching to the Tar Heel State.

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