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NYT Asks How Caitlyn Or Any LGBT Can Not Be An Anti-Christian Bigot

We go back to the basic flaw in liberal brains again and again. Conservative belief–not its abuse, mind you–is an incredibly inclusive and tolerant tent. This is because conservatives believe that liberals are simply wrong, not evil (most of them at least). Therefore true conservatives are tolerant of liberals, LGBT, and all racial identities.

Liberals, on the other hand, believe that conservatives are bad people and must not be tolerated. Therefore, regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, religion or national identity, if you aren’t on the “bake that cake, bigot!” boat, you’re at a minimum defective. If you’re white and Christian and male, you’re evil. Liberals cannot separate the dual streams of ideals and advocacy.

Now to my well-buried lede. Jennifer Finney Boylan spent six weeks hanging out with Caitlyn (née Bruce) Jenner. She laid out her confused thoughts in the New York Times Sunday Review. She’s confused because Jenner insists on being a Republican who supports President Donald Trump. And she’s a transgender man.


To the liberal brain, this is defective thinking. Because Christians and others who believe that transgenders are suffering from gender dysphoria, a documented disorder listed in the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-5, are also Republicans. Some of these are opposed to transgender bathroom “rights” for a teenage man with a penis to get naked in front of teenage girls without penises. So Jenner must be confused, because she agrees with people who obviously hate her.

That’s the flaw. Liberals are incapable of thinking that conservatives can accept a person for who they are, flaws, sins, peccadillos, and wrong ideas included, and even like them and tolerate them, but still reject their ideals and the policy out-workings of those ideals.

Jenner, and 21 percent of LGBTs, according to a 2014 Gallup poll, get this and understand it. But liberals can’t understand why anyone whose “rights” liberals purport to support would lean Republican. To them, it’s either “bake that cake, bigot!” or nothing.

Boylan wrote:

L.G.B.T. conservatives argue that they are not “one-issue voters,” that while the rights of queer Americans are important, they are not the only factor. There are a lot of issues that constitute political identity, and as it turns out, some voters feel that their own rights are not the most urgent.

I admit that I really don’t get it. So in that spirit of “listening,” I called Caitlyn again.

She was driving her car — “a 1960 Austin-Healey bug-eyed Sprite” — to the shop. “If we don’t have a country,” she told me, “we don’t have L.G.B.T. issues.”

I wasn’t quite sure what she meant. So she went on: “It’s important that we have a thriving country. I want every trans person to get a job. I want a thriving economy. I don’t want massive government on top of everything we do.”

Then Boylan changed the subject. Tilt.

Suddenly, Boylan was on the cusp of an epiphany. The smallest spark of understanding, like Emile learning how to taste food in the movie Ratatouille.

As I listened, I wondered whether L.G.B.T. rights really ought not to be the most conservative of causes. Above all else we want to be left alone, without interference, to live our lives with truth and grace. What could be more conservative than that?

And then it was gone.

And yet the modern Republican Party seems to have no problem interfering with people’s privacy when it comes to sexuality and gender identity. From abortion rights to opposition to marriage equality, the Republicans have advocated more government intrusion into private lives, not less.

Liberals can’t get past outcome engineering and what’s a natural right versus a manufactured one. Privacy simply isn’t a right–being left alone by the government is. Before Roe v. Wade, abortion was a state’s rights issue, and it should still be.

Marriage should be a state’s rights issue, but it’s liberals who forced it down everyone’s throats and invalidated California and 31 other states constitutions, invalidating the will of those disenfranchised voters. Since liberals believe that conservatives are bad, evil people, stripping them of their rights is not a moral problem for them.

In the spectrum of ideals and opinions, it’s the GOP and conservative tent that offers a refuge from the tyranny of liberal intolerance. Caitlyn Jenner and, increasingly, more LGBT voters who see the Democratic tent shrinking, get that.

Some liberals, like Boylan, probably never will.


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