President Barack Obama shares a laugh with Vice President Joe Biden during a ceremony in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington, Thursday, Jan. 12, 2017. Obama presented Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Obama Funded Radical Left Wing Groups With YOUR Money

These days, it seems that the fastest-growing profession in America is that of the beloved “activist.”

Have you ever wondered where all these people come from, who organizes and transports them, and how they can afford to “protest” for days on end in the middle of the work week? The Pavlovian response to this question in most conservative circles is usually to shout “George Soros!” But it turns out that while it may be true that Soros is injecting millions of dollars into radical leftist organizations and campaigns, it turns out that someone else has been too: Barack Obama. And he’s done it with your money.

How, you ask? Let’s go back in time to find out.

Remember the Great Recession? You know, the one that started with Big Bad Banks handing out garbage mortgages to anyone with a heartbeat and then fraudulently selling garbage investments based on those mortgages until everything flew off the rails and our economy crashed? Yeah that one.

Well, in the fallout of the crash, the Obama Justice Department sued those Big Bad Banks and forced them to pay out massive settlements intended to reimburse the American People for the taxpayer-funded bailouts that the government handed out like candy. When I say the settlements were massive, I mean massive. Between J.P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup, and Bank of America, the Big Bad Banks paid over $36.5 Billion in penalties to the Justice Department.

Out of that money, approximately $640 million somehow quietly made its way into a slushy side account intended to fund “third party interest groups.” These interest groups were not victims in the lawsuits, and had no right to any of the proceeds of the settlements. They were also not held accountable for anything that they chose to do with the money that they received.

Surprise, surprise, it turns out many of the groups dipping into this slush fund were and are far-left, radical organizations that are now fighting the new administration tooth and nail over immigration reform, healthcare reform, and tax reform.

One of the largest of those third party groups that is currently helping lead “The Resistance” is an organization formerly known as La Raza that since been re-branded as UnidaUS. La Raza was one of the organizations behind the infamous protest/riot that turned violent at the Trump Rally in Chicago last year during the Presidential Campaign. These days they actively engage in funding and organizing demonstrations and rallies against any type of immigration reform.

LaRaza was one of Obama’s pet projects. Not only did they receive at least $1.5 million from the settlement slush fund, but they were also the recipients of approximately $11 million a year in taxpayer money from his administration.

Perhaps the creepiest tactic that Obama used to funnel money to La Raza and other allies was then-Attorney General Eric Holder’s gangland-style habit of suing corporations and then “suggesting” that direct donations be made to leftist organizations in order to settle out of court.

UnidosUS/La Raza is not the only organization involved in the “Resistance” that the Obama Administration flushed with cash from the settlement slush fund. Others include the National Urban League, which spear-headed efforts to defeat Obamacare repeal, and The National Community Reinvestment Coalition, which is currently battling against President Trump’s attempts to reform the tax code.

So the next time you have to board up your store front or wait in a massive traffic jam because a “peaceful rally” is coming to town, be sure to give yourself a pat on the wallet, because you more than likely helped pay for it.

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