Obama Rising!

This is pretty good.

As we all know, Easter is the day where we all gather in our finery to celebrate the day Barack Obama, the perfect man, the “Adonis-who-changes-winter-into-spring”, wrought of heaven and sunshine, surrounded by flowers and puppies, emerged from the empty tomb to take away the guilt of the honkeys. And so we Americans celebrate by eating chocolate bunny rabbits, dying eggs with a sheen of colorful ink, hiding others filled with candy in the grass, finding and enjoying them before wallowing in our own crapulence.

Don’t worry if you ate too much: Barack Obama will help us all lose that Easter weight.

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  • Most definitely not blasphemy according to the theological definition, which tends toward the denial of a holy act of Christ. It is also something one who is saved is incapable of doing for various theological reasons having to do with the loss of salvation.

    This is just a parody of the media’s exhortations toward Obama.

  • Well since we are going to play the semantics game my favorite definition of blasphemy is “irreverence toward something considered sacred or inviolable”.

    But since we are in a humorous mood I guess I was just pointing out the interesting twist of one website using the resurrection story as a political parody while a “sister” website has an author compelled to put forth Matthew’s version of the story of Jesus’ rising.

    Just thought it was an interesting juxtaposition on a day which crystalizes the central tenet of the faith.