Obama Supports The Worldwide Global Warming Conspiracy Against Free Speech

The Times of London on Monday reported receiving a letter from 13 members of the House of Lords (the upper chamber in the UK parliament) “expressing unhappiness” about two articles they published about climate change.

It was a private letter, but:

Strangely, the letter was simultaneously leaked to The Guardian. The episode gives a rare glimpse into the world of “climate change communications”, a branch of heavily funded spin-doctoring that is keen to shut down debate about the science of climate change.


But not so strange. The UK is in the forefront–and where President Obama wants to go–in shutting down debate on anything that takes the razor-edge off the urgent need to realign the world’s economy to fight man made climate change.

In 2006 the BBC held a secret meeting, after which it decided to limit the airtime given to climate sceptics. It spent £140,000 on hiring six lawyers to avoid revealing that the 28 “best scientific experts” who attended actually included only a handful of scientists remotely connected with climate among mostly environmental lobbyists.

Secret meetings. Limiting airtime. Official government bias. And it’s spread to the U.S.

In 2013 The Los Angeles Times said it would “no longer publish letters from climate change deniers”, in which category it included sceptics. The following year Professor Roger Pielke Jr quit Nate Silver’s 538 website following a campaign against him. Professor Pielke had argued with impeccably detailed evidence that, although he was no sceptic, “the increased cost of natural disasters is not the result of climate change”.

The Times cited the fact that 16 state attorney generals subpoenaed the Competitive Enterprise Institute, as part of their commitment to “creatively” and “agressively” deploy their prosecutorial powers. The editors of National Review took issue with this attack on free speech.

This is an attack not only on the First Amendment but on the entirety of the political process itself. It is a scandal, and voters in jurisdictions represented by members of the so-called Green 20 ought to be shocked and dismayed — and outraged — by what is being done in their name, with powers delegated by them to their attorneys general.

President Obama, visiting London, is pushing the U.K. not to exit the European Union (the “Brexit”), with threats to place America’s staunchest ally “at the back of the queue” should it exercise what should be a right of national sovereignty. He traveled to Saudi Arabia to assuage that country’s concerns about Congress holding them responsible for being complicit in 9/11. But he didn’t publicly release 28 pages of the 9/11 commission report that show the Saudi government’s complicity.

Obama is perfectly okay with the Saudis’ lack of transparency and free speech. And Russia’s, and Turkey’s. This is what the Times of London had to say about that, and about their own government’s foray into Orwellian territory.

If peers demanded a newspaper stop covering studies that argue economic growth is going to fall short of the consensus, they would get short shrift. We can’t criticise Russia or Turkey for shutting down newspapers if we censor scientific doubters. Free speech matters.

Climate change activists must not be too confident in their own data if their best defense is to censor debate. And the political community is all too happy to strip free speech rights in deference to the faux-scientific religion of Chicken Little global warming.

This is just more evidence that we face a global conspiracy, the likes of which we haven’t seen since Joe McCarthy took on the Comintern (okay, pedants, the CI officially went underground, but it was still a conspiracy).

P.S. The image above is Air Force One landing at London Stansted Airport, along with a gaggle of VC-25A Osprey tilt-rotor and other support aircraft plus Sea King helicopters. I wonder how that helped reduce our carbon footprint, given that Obama is the most-traveled U.S. president in history, flying the largest American presidential jet and fleet in history. But we couldn’t say–literally–because that might get us a subpoena for heresy against the Church of Climate Change.

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