Obamacare Architect Tries – And Fails – To Pin The Blame For Obamacare’s Failures On Trump

The nerve that movers and shakers on the Left have in trying to blame everything under the sun on Trump never ceases to amaze me. Even as someone who has never been totally in the tank for Trump, I can’t help but marvel at the logical twists and turns defenders of the Obama legacy make to deflect the previous administrations failures.

Case in point: Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber took to Fox News Sunday this weekend to talk about health care. When host Chris Wallace brought up the example that, in Iowa, all but five counties had only one choice in the Obamacare marketplace – and that insurer is looking at leaving – Gruber managed to twist the logic into an unrecognizable shape.

“Look, and whose fault is this?” Gruber asked. “Before President Trump was elected, there were no counties in America that did not have an insurer.”

Gruber tried to bury his outrageous claim by moving on, but Wallace wasn’t having it.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait,” Wallace interrupted. “Wait, you’re going to blame the problems with Obamacare on President Trump?”

Indeed, Gruber was. He said that Obamacare was working fine before Trump “undercut” the Obamacare enrollment and renegaded on the “obligations [Obamacare] makes to the insurers.”

“And as a result, premiums are going up and insurers are exiting,” Gruber said.

Wallace kept the segment moving, but that didn’t prevent Gruber from circling back to his assertion that the election of Trump is at fault for the failure of Obamacare. Gruber even went so far as to claim that insurers were happy with Obamacare and profitable in the exchange until the 2016 election.

Of course, Gruber’s claims are patently false. Year after year since Obamacare went into law, we’ve heard stories of insurers abandoning the marketplace and premiums skyrocketing. Last year’s spike in premiums took the trend to new highs; these increases largely come because the insurance companies are trying to make up for the profits they’re losing by attaching themselves to government healthcare.

It’s always both frustrating and entertaining to watch the Left try to deny their failure and pin the blame on anybody else. I guess we can count on some things never changing.

Watch the entire clip here:

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