Obama’s Chief Deceiver Ben Rhodes May Be in Big Trouble

Ben Rhodes, the brash partisan who served as Barack Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser, has found himself right in the middle of the ongoing Congressional investigation into the improper unmasking of Americans from overseas communications collected by the NSA. Rhodes has carved out a notorious reputation for deception as it is, long before this recent investigation tagged him as a potential White House leaker.

As a high school teacher, whenever somebody is up to no good it never takes too long to figure out. Why? Because immature troublemakers are usually so enamored with themselves, they can’t help but brag about their behavior, hoping it will score them points among their peers.

Ben Rhodes isn’t that much unlike your classic teenage boy who thinks everyone should look at him the way he looks at himself. Which is why the former White House aide to Obama openly bragged about how he outsmarted the media and outplayed the American people by intentionally misleading them regarding the negotiations of what has turned out to be a catastrophic nuclear deal with Iran.

But even when it begins to dawn on overgrown frat boys that their peers of good character and conscience aren’t at all impressed with them, they trust that their privilege and position will protect them from any potential fallout. Such was the case with Rhodes. Even when a group of Senators wrote to President Obama,

Mr. Rhodes‘ disrespectful, deceptive and destructive conduct has fallen appallingly short of this standard. Indeed, if he had conducted himself this way in a typical place of business outside Washington, where American taxpayers work, he surely would have been already fired, or asked to resign.”

…even then, Ben knew Barack Obama would have his back. And if Obama had his back, the media wouldn’t touch him. And if the media wouldn’t touch him, Democrats in Congress weren’t about to join any action to defend the integrity of their own institution against his misconduct. All that matters to them, Rhodes rightly assumed, was the good of their party and its electoral success.

But unfortunately for Rhodes, his party didn’t have any electoral success. And as a result there’s a new president who won’t protect him, and a new Congress that appears poised to do what the last one wouldn’t: make Ben Rhodes answer for his arrogant and potentially illegal transgressions.

While someone in his position as Deputy National Security Adviser would have the legal authority to request unmasking of Americans for intelligence and analytical purposes only. Congress has:

“…found evidence that current and former government officials had easy access to U.S. person information and that it is possible that they used this information to achieve partisan political purposes, including the selective, anonymous leaking of such information.”

Unmasking without oversight puts our intelligence community in jeopardy and has all the hallmarks of flagrant abuse of power. You know, sort of like lying directly to Congress in order to help secure a now-backfiring Iran nuclear deal. That is what Ben Rhodes is now apparently being investigated for…something he probably didn’t see coming.

Privileged frat boys never do.

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