Obama’s Perez – The Long Game

Tom Perez, former Labor Secretary under the Obama administration was narrowly elected as Chairman DNC. It took two rounds of voting, after which, he promptly named Muslim Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison Vice Chair. As a calculated move to pacify the Bernie Sanders fringe, it didn’t seem to pay off.

“Ellison’s progressive supporters, angered by the results and shouting as the tally was announced, chanted: “Party for the people, not big money.” (Washington Examiner)

Tom Perez was born in Buffalo NY with immediate ancestral ties to many of the Dominican Republic elite. His maternal grandfather was the DR Ambassador to the US before being declared persona non-grata by the Trujillo regime. Born virtually a Beltway elite, Perez is Harvard educated with most of his career being in government.

That the new DNC Chair is ideologically aligned with the ex-president has been acknowledged for some time:

‘He is a progressive warrior in the mold of Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, only without any of the anti-Clinton animus typical to members of that crowd. Perez’s liberal credentials are as impeccable as they come. Mother Jones called him “one of the administration’s most stalwart progressives.” Conservative policy experts who have followed his work in the Justice and Labor Departments consider him perhaps the Obama administration’s most radical and relentless ideologue.” (National Review)

National Review then quoted Iain Murray,  Vice President of Strategy for the Competitive Enterprise Institute, who didn’t hesitate to give his candid assessment:

“Perez is possibly the most dangerous person in the administration right now. His rewriting of U.S. labor law is probably the most fundamental attack on the free-enterprise system going on at present,” Murray says. “If he has his way, we won’t just revert to the 1930s. We’ll do things that even Franklin Roosevelt couldn’t do, like eliminate vast numbers of independent-contractor jobs and unionize those that remain.”

NR then concluded by Murray’s dire warning:

“Perez’s ideological vision are driven by an arrogant insistence that most workers are oblivious to their own exploitation by employers, and need the state to intervene to help them understand proper “work-life balance” or to make basic choices about work.”

Ex-President Obama has a long-term strategy to transition America into a hyper-Muslim sympathetic, democratic socialist nation. Installing Tom Perez is the first step. Working with former Attorney General Eric Holder, to challenge traditional voter laws is the second. But in order to achieve his real goal, ultimately Obama will need a nationwide base of unquestioning voters.

The Democratic Party, led by the very vocal Sander/Obama Progressive faction are a minority in search of an acquiescent foundational base. Progressive democrats such as Obama, Perez, and Holder view the burgeoning Hispanic vote as their near to mid-term party base, replacing the recently abandoned blue collar union voter base.

Standing in their path to success is President Trump and the Republican Party. Any success is going to measured by their battle to keep the southern US border open for entry by illegal aliens, as well as obtain voting rights for illegals currently living in the US.

MSM and the party leaders will not give up on their open borders fight. The press may move from one policy argument to another, but the constant thread will be articles condemning President Trump’s illegal alien deportation policies, as well as highlighting supposed rights violations created by these policies.

Out with the old, in with the new. As the more traditional base blocs of the Democratic Party begin to feel marginalized and neglected, it is incumbent upon the Republican Party to bring them into their tent, and make them feel welcome.

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