Of Course The Timing Is Suspect

Yes, Donald Trump’s supporters have a legitimate gripe — the timing of all these women coming forward in October is suspect. I have a hard time believing that all these women only now are coming forward as opposed to the Clinton camp or some other group waiting to get their stories to the press.

In some cases it could be the press just held the stories close until the most opportune time to do maximum damage to Donald Trump. Absolutely, it is a damning indictment of the political press, particularly a political press that gave Donald Trump hundreds of millions of dollars of free, uncritical coverage. They ran his speeches live and to completion. They covered his plane landings. They stocked up on paid surrogates. Only after his nomination did the press turn on him.

It is a legitimate grievance. But what the Trump partisans miss is that even if the press waited to spring this on Trump, the timing does not negate the veracity of the stories.

These women have legitimate stories corroborated by witnesses or friends who they told at the time. They are not pulling these stories out of thin air, but are repeating now stories they were telling years ago to friends.

Be upset that this is coming out now. It does beg the question of what the hell Republican opposition researchers were doing in the primaries. But it does not diminish the veracity of their stories. The timing can be suspect, but the stories real.

Or the stories could be made up. However, given Donald Trump’s propensity to sue anyone and anything that gets in his way, the odds that these stories are made up is slim.

The most likely turn of events is that the Republicans nominated a sexual predator and the people who knew it waited in order to inflict maximum damage.

Oh, and by the way, many of us told you this would happen. We even told you the types of stories that would be coming out. So really, don’t act surprised.

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