Oh Please! Stop The ‘Big Bird’ Scare Tactics

Every time a Republican president dares to threaten the free tax money elite snobs who run PBS and NPR stations get every year, we have to hear about Big Bird again.

President Trump’s budget, due this week, is expected to kill the nearly half-billion dollars the government gives to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The Washington Post‘s Paul Farhi (the elite liberal journalist-in-a-plastic-bubble poster boy) somehow managed to be breathless and dismissive at the same time, which is quite a feat of literary flexibility.

Once again, Big Bird is on the chopping block, threatened by the loss of federal funds that sustain public broadcasting stations. But the big yellow fella has been there before, and survived each time.

Is there any reason to think the outcome will be different this time around?

Why yes, there is, now that he’s asked.

Farhi went on to describe the loss of federal money as “catastrophic.” Yeah, we’ve heard that before, too.

Let’s be clear: PBS and NPR are charities. They aren’t really government entities, and they’re definitely not politically impartial. Anyone who’s ever listened to NPR can’t possibly claim they’re not as liberal as three generations of Boston Democrats.

And let’s stop with Big Bird. He’s no longer a “public” asset. He’s the property of Sesame Workshop, owner of lucrative licensing deals with major toy companies, retailers, and advertisers. These deals are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Let’s not forget: Sesame Street moved to HBO. Is Uncle Sam going to buy us a premium cable package to watch?

I daresay that Big Bird alone could make up the loss of taypayer money. All of it.

My kids watch PBS. I’m a fan of some of the shows, especially the ones produced by Canada (like “Odd Squad”). There’s also “NOVA” and other good content. If PBS wanted to convert to a real advertising and fundraising model, they’d have no trouble doing it. But they’re elite liberals who don’t want to try.

PBS and NPR have the worst, most boring, unwatchable/unlistenable, nasally obnoxious fundraising efforts I’ve ever witnessed. They’re proud of the fact that they only need to pretend to raise money so they can run poor-mouthed to Congress and claim that some rural stations will go off the air if they don’t get their half-billion.

With listeners and viewers converting to streaming and getting “unplugged,” their cries of wolf should finally fall on deaf ears.

I hope Trump cuts CBP, along with the other fake charities living fat off the government such as the National Endowment for the Arts (if the arts want to be endowed, they can solicit funds like any other charity–the NEA is more like the national handout for the unendowable).

Unlike NEA, both PBS and NPR should do just fine without taxpayer money. Let them hire some real fundraisers and work for a living, instead of donning black ties and sneering at the uncultured masses whose tax money they devour.

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