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OkCupid Gets In Bed With Planned Parenthood

The Leftist activists that run the dating website/app OkCupid have out-crazied themselves once again.  OkCupid is a dating site dedicated to making the fringiest of the left-wing fringe feel at home.  In the past, they have gone out of their way to prove their liberal bona-fides through actions such as blocking web browser Mozilla back in 2014 to protest then-CEO Brendan Eich’s support of traditional marriage.

This time, OkCupid is all-in for Planned Parenthood and posted the following tweet yesterday.


Planned Parenthood badges on profiles to show one’s support for abortion.  Apparently, OkCupid thinks this is a great way to get two liberal lovebirds together, committed to killing any potential offspring.  How romantic!  (If you love murder.)  Really the stuff of fairy tales – at least, NOW’s updated 3rd wave feminist versions.

But I don’t think it sends the message they think it does.

Clearly, the hippies at OkCupid have no idea how guys-on-the-prowl see a Planned Parenthood badge.  Any woman’s profile with one of those just screams, “Hi.  I’ll be your date tonight.  I’m cheap and easy.  Feel free to take advantage of me, because Planned Parenthood will clean up your mess afterwards.”

The OkCupid homepage describes itself thusly,

Substance, Not Just Selfies

There are two kinds of dating apps: theirs and ours.  We go below the surface to show off the real you.  Sounds like a nice change, right?

We ask you interesting questions to get to know who you are on a deeper level.

OkCupid likes to think it’s a deep, meaningful website, devoted to true love and lasting commitment.  This depth and commitment just doesn’t include children or consequences of any kind.  No muss, no fuss.  In other words, this basically makes OkCupid into Tinder.

Have quick, meaningless sex, and if an “accident” happens, just dispose of it at the local “women’s health clinic”.  Planned Parenthood is all about abortion and escaping the results of one’s actions.  Live, love, and lust without consequences!

Let’s face it – happily married women aren’t beating down the doors of abortion clinics to get rid of Junior.

This is a reflection of today’s hook-up culture.  It’s rampant in college dorms, the bar scene, online, and pretty much everywhere else in society now.  Maybe I’m the last hopeless romantic, but romance and dating should be about actual love and commitment.  Dating is supposed to be about getting to know one another, not random one-night stands.  Ultimately, that dating should lead to marriage and *gasp* children.  Planned Parenthood stands for the opposite of all of this.  With such an over-sexed culture and absence of commitment already, a PP badge on a dating profile is just waving a red flag in front of a bull.

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