Olympus Has Fallen: Trump Transition Is Not Behind Despite Media Spin

The fact that CBS News threw this story up at all is proof that the media spin machine is crashing. The main stream media wants Trump’s transition to fail. As Jim Stinson wrote, “there is outright media lust for failure.” The New York Times headlined a Wednesday piece “Trump Says Transition Going ‘Smoothly,’ Disputing Disarray Reports.”

This drew a tweet from Trump disparaging the NYT (not unusual).

Then the media criticized Trump for tweeting about the media! They really do think they are gods and goddesses on Olympus. Well, Olympus has fallen.

Looks like that @POTUS Twitter handle will be very active under President Trump and many of those tweets could be directed at the press.

Now CBS News reports that, gee wilikers, Trump’s transition isn’t really behind.

People who have paid close attention to presidential transitions over the years note that they rarely run smoothly. “There is a long history of unfortunate transition activity,” Max Stier, the president and chief executive of the Center for Presidential Transition, told the New York Times.

And David Axelrod, President Obama’s chief strategist, tweeted Thursday that the Trump campaign isn’t behind at all:

In fact, Trump is somewhat ahead of Bill Clinton in 1992, way ahead of George W. Bush in 2000, and about even with Barack Obama in 2008.

Turns out this is just another media spin crash. If you’ve got extra investment money, you might put it into egg production, because the main stream media is looking at four years of constant egg on their faces, as they constantly predict failure around every corner and are proven wrong again and again.

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